The Boston Globe reports on Michael Camilo

September 14, 2007

Innovative jazz rarely gets the attention it deserves outside of the confines of jazz circles. Today’s Boston Globe, however, features Dominican-born pianist Michael Camilo’s newest work in a format accessible to an average news reader. How many readers will take notice is another story—after all, The New York Times includes a fair share of variably noted jazz coverage—but the Boston Globe’s effort to highlight an experimental musician of the field is worth taking note of.

Thanks to his Latin roots, Camilo records a blend of flamenco, new jazz and classic works. Like innovators before him, he is noting the possibility of utilizing jazz interchangeably with other genres of music.

The Globe reports:

“Latino musicians of my generation, we don’t want to be tagged with one label,” Camilo says on the phone from Los Angeles, where he’s rehearsing Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” with the LA Philharmonic. “We want to be part of the tradition, part of that big tree that is evolving.”

Camilo’s new album, Spirit of the Moment, includes his own compositions as well as works from Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane.

He also actively contributes to the growth of new artistic voices: The Berklee College of Music, at which Camilo was a visiting professor from 2003-2005, has awarded five scholarships carrying Camilo’s name. The recipients are young musicians from the Dominican Republic.


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