Martial Solal plays the Village Vanguard

October 12, 2007

Here’s a reason for the city’s diehard jazz fans to be lining around the block: Every night this week until Sunday, legendary pianist Martial Solal is showing off his improvisatory skills at the Village Vanguard. Jazz enthusiasts appreciate his takes on the classics, while film aficionados should remember him as the man behind the soundtrack to Godard’s A Bout De Souffle (1960).

Today’s New York Times included a review that praised Solal’s confident improvisation:

“One of the world’s most imposing jazz musicians — being 80 has not dimmed his agility or his imagination — he interpreted each passing moment of the songs as a provocation: spinning out a quick cycle of chords from just one, or interrupting the shape of a melody to add on a whole new structure, invented at breathtaking speed.”

According to the Times, Solal’s concerts represent only the second time that the Vanguard has hosted a week of solo sets by one performer.


One Response to “Martial Solal plays the Village Vanguard”

  1. amyvanvechten Says:


    The pics on this blog make it come to life. Nice!

    You should put an “about me” page so people know who they’re reading!

    I’ve been really impressed with your video work — really nice.

    Here’s my blog:

    Good luck on the magazine feature!

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