My web video on Big Apple Jazz

October 17, 2007

I’ve mentioned Big Apple Jazz on Harlem’s 7th Avenue (between 131st and 132nd Sts) a couple of times on this blog. Its mission is to attract jazz fans to a neighborhood that is, by many, considered the birth place of this art form.

Below is a link to my short doc on the place:


3 Responses to “My web video on Big Apple Jazz”

  1. […] Checking the heart rate of New York Jazz put an intriguing blog post on My web video on Big Apple JazzHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. juanitaleon Says:

    I really enjoyed your video. The story is very well told, mixing the music, the story of the place and also the nostalgia for the lost Harlem. I like your attention to details, and how you transition from the interview to the music. That’s hard to do.
    Next time avoid your involuntary ‘aha’s, yeah’ that make noise. Maybe you could try to cut one minute of your video. It will tighten it a bit, maybe in the b-roll of the beginning. But it’s not necessary. Congratulations.

  3. […] been struggling with the limitations of free technology. As some of you may have noticed, my Youtube video of Big Apple Jazz was grainy and smudgy because of the site’s 100MB limit, and I wanted to find a way to upload […]

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