Some small venues (and musicians) still have faith

October 19, 2007

Those who frequently agonize over the closing of Manhattan’s small music clubs may have a reason to take a deep breath. During an interview with Saxophonist Michael Blake today, I learned of an East Village venue called the Stone that’s entirely devoted to nurturing avant-garde music. And I mean entirely; the venue is not-for-profit, and serves no drinks or merchandise. “Only music,” its web site advertises. Children are welcome (in fact, they get in for free), and the cover charge is a meager $10.

Fans of optimistic, experimental jazz should pay a visit to the space tomorrow night at 8pm. Mr. Blake, a busy working artist whose band projects include Slow Poke and Blake Tartare, is all about blending jazz with genres like folk to create new, catchy melodies. He also actively collaborates with musicians like bassist Ben Allison. And, unlike many others, Blake is optimistic about jazz.

“I think that music is in a really good place because we are all supporting it. If there are enough artists, musicians, students, fans and club owners who like the music, there will always be opportunity for it to continue to develop. And it is developing, because there are just so many new artists,”he said.


2 Responses to “Some small venues (and musicians) still have faith”

  1. juanitaleon Says:

    I know you have the website, but next time write the address up front.

  2. juanitaleon Says:

    Your blog is interesting, diverse, agile and well written. Good job! I also like the pictures.

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