Technology headache

November 29, 2007

During the past couple of days I’ve been struggling with the limitations of free technology. As some of you may have noticed, my Youtube video of Big Apple Jazz was grainy and smudgy because of the site’s 100MB limit, and I wanted to find a way to upload it in a clearer format (after I tweaked a few of its choppy transitions).

I found a few sites that allow a user to upload larger videos, including xdrive and Stage6. My tries with Stage6 (a very sci-fi looking video site) have thus far stumbled into the following roadblocks:

1)The editing software I use (Avid Newscutter) is on NYU J-school’s computers, not allowing me to download the Stage6 software as I size and export my video.

2) In modifying the video into Divx format, Stage6 seems to format the video so that it appears zoomed in and magnified on the screen.

3) I’m not able to easily embed a Stage6 link into my blog.

After I resolve these hurdles, my next step will be to invest in some editing programs for my laptop (currently an IBM) and hopefully soon purchase an apple computer for my podcasts and videos; Garage Band seems to have facilitated a lot of my colleagues’ lives.

Amy recently posted pictures of all the equipment she uses–she has managed to record both crisp sound and video of professional caliber. I encourage using her list as a starting point.


Amy’s post:

Stage 6:


(image from


One Response to “Technology headache”

  1. amyvanvechten Says:

    Girl! Thanks for the shout-out. I appreciate it.

    One tip: when I export from Avid or Final Cut, I tend to export at a really high quality level (ie a resulting video file of upwards of 100MB) — because you’re right about YouTube. It significantly cuts the quality. So the bigger and better the file that you upload, the better it turns out.

    I’ll check out your recommendations of Stage 6, etc. Thanks!

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