Lincoln Center puts its educational efforts online

December 7, 2007

Say what you want about Wynton Marsalis’ impact on jazz, but as many professional musicians have pointed out to me, he has certainly done his part in returning this genre to the mainstream. Jazz at Lincoln Center is synonymous with luxury, talent, and–perhaps most importantly–a New York Landmark. Those who couldn’t direct you to the Village Vanguard or The Standard are likely to recall Lincoln Center’s logo, and the word ‘jazz’, on Columbus Circle.

The center has pumped a lot of money and effort into educational programs–including the WeBop! initiative for young children. Most recently it has added recordings of the center’s educational events onto its site, Jazz Times reported today. The five available videos include, for example, a master class with the Juilliard Jazz Ensemble, a jazz 101 session and a bebop overview, and a segment of Marsalis addressing the National Press Club about the importance of arts education.

The length of the segments (the videos range between an hour and two hours) might be a bit excessive for many attention spans, but one can only hope that the name of Marsalis and Lincoln Center will encourage music enthusiasts to tune in.


Jazz Times article:

Lincoln Center’s Educational Events Online:


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