Still on strike, Hollywood writers move to a new medium

January 23, 2008

If you happen to be in Los Angeles next week, this cultural event should provide a nice addition to your itinerary. 16 currently striking writers have put together a lineup of short plays, ranging from eight to 15 minutes, that will feature several recognizable faces from TV and film, Variety reports. Look for Cashmere Mafia‘s Bonnie Summerville, ER‘s Troy Evans and Kari Matchett, Reid Scott from My Boys, Melissa Sagemiller from Sleeper Cell and Ben Feldman from last weekend’s box office idol, Cloverfield. Proceeds from the event, straightforwardly titled “TV Takes the Stage”, will go to the Motion Picture and TV Fund that helps non-writers affected by the strike.

Besides the appeal of an affordable ticket price ($20-30) and a worthy cause, the short run gives audience members a rare chance to check out whether camera-trained actors can hold their own on stage. For an industry that’s facing canceled red carpet events and endless reruns, the event seems to carry a symbolic value: Cue your stars, without the glitz. You decide for yourself.


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